Reverie Bakeshop is a vegan bakery located in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex. We are proud to serve North Texas with sweets that are compassionate towards animals, the planet, and our health. Our goal is to provide high quality vegan pastries that are healthier than non-vegan counterparts and just as tasty! From vegan breakfast pastries to gluten-free vegan cupcakes, we do our best to accommodate the community with various options everyday on our menu. 

   Meet the Owners   

Nancy Castillo

Nancy was born and raised in the border south, Laredo, Texas. She has been vegan for 20 years, has degrees in Pastry Arts, Bilingual, and Science Education. Nancy is also married and a mother to four fur babies. On her spare time, she likes to spend time with her friends and family, cook, do yoga, and go on long dog walks. 

Racene Mendoza

Racene "Ray" is a DFW native and a self taught cake decorator. She was inspired to learn about cakes from her aunt, who was a cake connoisseur herself. Racene is a woman of the arts and loves to paint, sing karaoke, play guitar, garden, and craft. She is also the mother of 4 conure birds and 2 goofy dogs. On her spare time, she likes to spend time with her boyfriend, friends, and family, travel, and explore the local food scene. 

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