About Us

Reverie Bakeshop is a vegan bakery located in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex. We are proud to serve North Texas with sweets that are compassionate towards animals, the planet, and our health. Our goal is to provide high quality vegan pastries that are healthier than non-vegan counterparts and just as tasty! From vegan gluten-free cakes to raw vegan pastries, we offer all kinds of vegan confections for your special occasion. Have a special dietary request? Easy as vegan pie! We do our best to accommodate the community with various options everyday on our menu. 

Our recipes are composed of many organic ingredients and you'll never find anything artificial flavored in our pantry. Reducing waste is a priority to us so we use eco-friendly to-go packaging, cups, and utensils. 




photo by: Brandon Thibodeaux

Our entire menu and facility is:


          - Dairy-Free                          - Hydrogenated-Fat Free

          - Egg-Free                             - Cholesterol-Free

          - Refined Sugar Free            - Animal Byproduct Free

          - Casein-Free                          (such as honey and gelatin)





A little bit about the team...


Nancy and Racene became buddies in 2008 and instantly clicked on the topic of cake and desserts. Not long after, they collaborated as a baking duo with the idea to combine Nancy's vegan pastries and Racene's cake decorating skills. With over 10 years of previous industry experience and 14 years of being a vegan herself, Nancy put together a menu bountiful enough to full-fill even a non-vegan's sweet tooth. Raised in Dallas, Racene is known not only for her humble personality but for her fantastic cake designs! Together this team is proud to serve North Texas and create sweeter memories of lovely vegan pastries. 


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